The Mary Green Men’s Chorale sang its first concert in February, 2015 benefiting The Deep Well Project. Mary Woodmansee Green has long operated the Mary Green Singers as a 501(c)(3), primarily in her former Philadelphia-area home and recently for three years locally, where she initially produced and performed concerts that benefited the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI). In the spring of 2015, we began building a permanent organization to provide high-quality musical performances and have a sustainable positive impact on our community. Our management team includes Mary, our CEO and Artistic Director, and a Steering Committee that consists of Gayle Lang Music Distribution and Librarian DeeDee Graham, Jan Steffe Tickets,  Gary Trimm (Marketing), Marcus Walsh (Website,Social Media and Voiceover Content) and former chorale manager Paul Jacobson 

All of our concerts benefit one or more local charities. We plan a recurring annual season of at least 3 concerts, with 2 performances (HHI & Bluffton) of most concerts. We expect the MGMC to develop into a long-term and sustainable revenue source for our non-profit partners that they can build into their annual funding plans as major events. And we expect to play a major role augmenting and supporting local music education, especially vocal music programs. We also consider performing pro bono at community events.

About Us

Contact us: 843-295-9342 ---

We audition and welcome experienced singers who can read music. Our singers volunteer their time and efforts. Many make donations, which we use to defray fixed and non-production costs, e.g. website, PO box, telephone, etc., maximizing the amount that we can donate to our Charity Partners.

We’ve structured our business model to generate sufficient net revenue from our paid concert performances and sponsor partners to fund our philanthropy and community outreach missions. All of our net proceeds benefit our charity partners.

We maximize the donation amount by very careful management of our concert production costs and through ticket pricing and programming strategies designed to make our concerts popular and very affordable. We charge enough ($25 per ticket) to not only cover production expenses but also to make meaningful donations. We also plan and expect to receive significant revenue from sources other than ticket sales. This includes sponsors, gifts, program ad sales and, eventually, grants (especially ATAX grants). Working with our Charity Partners, we have succeeded in attracting $1,000-$2,000 Presenting Sponsors and several $200 Sponsors for each of our concerts.

 We take full financial, planning and management responsibility for concert production. We take responsibility for programming, for event planning and production, for music acquisition and rehearsals, for professional musicians and soloists, for development and execution of the concert marketing plan, for development of the basic marketing collateral, for coordination of ticket sales, for sponsor acquisition and for development of a concert program. We ask our charity partners to help with ticket sales and also to provide volunteers to help with concert logistics, e.g. box office, ushers, parkers, ticket-takers, stage management, etc. We welcome charity partner participation in the development and execution of the marketing plan and in sponsor acquisition.